I am a writer as well as a therapist, and some of the things I have written can be found here

I write about things that I am interested in and that will hopefully be useful for people. This could include finding new information on a topic that is of interest or bringing new ideas to help people better understand counselling and therapy. 

I have a number of particular areas of interest that I often write about. I am passionate about supporting people from marginalised communities, and have undertaken specialist training in working with gender, sexuality, and relationship minority groups. I am also concerned with people's relationship to their bodies and how they interact with the world around them. Some people may recognise the terms body positivity, Health At Every Size®, and fat acceptance. I consider myself to be part of the body/fat liberation movement. You can read more about the difference between these terms here.

As a neurodivergent counsellor, I am also interested in the ways in which clients with a range of diverse neurotypes including Autism, ADHD and personality differences can better access support from counselling and therapy. I will also write about ways to make therapy more accessible for different neurotypes so that clients can better advocate for themselves and therapists can learn to better accommodate their clients.