I’m an experienced writer with a wide portfolio covering everything from academic writing, feature articles and short stories.


Click for column at Forbes

I currently contribute a regular column on the Forbes website with a creative take on current technology developments. Taking the form of very short stories, or drabbles as they’re known colloquially, the column speculates on how technology that is novel now will change the way we work, behave and live into the future.

A new column is currently published on the Forbes NetApp Voice website every Friday afternoon.

In addition to my short fiction on Forbes, I have also contributed pieces on coaching in business and other aspects of leadership

I have also written guest posts for a number of online publications including the freelancing website People Per Hour and healthcare leadership newsletter NHSManagers.net. I have ghost-written articles on a range of topics including travel, management & leadership, coaching and entrepreneurship.

I have also written national policies, procedures, guidelines and whole host of other business documentation for use in the NHS and private sector.


QSIn addition, I have a collaborative side project where I publish pseudonymous short fiction in collaboration with a group of writers loosely arranged in a collective known as the Quantum Thinkers. Somewhat irregular, both in schedule and content, it’s another outlet for my written creations.

My next project will be to present a piece of new writing at the Positively Ponty Word4Word new writing event on the 4th October 2014.