Til Death Do Us Part

Thanks to anyone who came along to see Paddy and I perform in Til Death Do Us Part at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff on Sunday night. We had a full house, a very engaged crowd and an excellent Q&A session after the performance. It was timed to co-incide with Jennifer Hartley’s Theatre of the Oppressed for actors and directors course, so there were lots of inquisitive minds curious about how Paddy and I went about developing the characters. We also had at least one person who works in the field of domestic abuse, and it’s always interesting to hear their take on the play given their involvement with real-life situations such as the one we’re talking about in the play.

As with every time I do this performance, I learn something new about myself or about the character I’m playing. This time, I learned that when I’m completely “in the moment” with a performance, I don’t really notice if something goes awry. According to Jennifer, our director, and Suzanne, who produces the play, Paddy and I went way off-beam on a couple of occasions but we always got it back to where it should be.

If you’re interested to know more about the play, or have seen it and would like to go back to the source, you can now get a Kindle copy of Til Death Do Us Part on Amazon. Even if you don’t want to read it, if you’ve seen it and enjoyed it (maybe “enjoyed” is the wrong word, but I can’t think of a better one) then please leave a review on the Amazon page. All proceeds from sale of the script go to Theatre Versus Oppression to fund its projects with domestic abuse and other issues in the UK and overseas.

If you’ve seen the play, I’d also be interested to hear what you thought of it in the comments. It’s a challenging watch and your views help me better understand the impact it has on an audience.



  1. Emma Byrne says:

    Congratulations on your ongoing success with this project. I saw your performance in 2011 and was absolutely mesmerised. Despite the really aversive nature of the material, you kept me (and everyone else in the room as far as I could see) utterly involved. Amazing work.

    • Zoe Goodacre says:

      Thank you. I’ve learned so much through this work, both as an actor & as a human being. It continues to surprise & fascinate me, and I’ll continue to be part of it for as long as that is still true.

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