I am a versatile performer, having worked on productions of scripted plays and the development of devised theatre across South Wales. Strong on improvisation, I’ve used the characters developed through rehearsal and taken them “outside the play,” working with people affected by issues touched upon in the plays and giving audiences the opportunity to interact with characters directly to challenge and enable their own discoveries using theatre as a safe space in which to try out approaches that might be high-risk to do in their own lives without first thinking them through.

I have worked on a number of theatre productions across South Wales, ranging from musical theatre to intense and thought-provoking stage plays and short films. Using methods of devising and story-telling, I have also developed characters for immersive and participatory theatre for audiences of one or two people at a time.

My most recent work took me on a tour of theatres around Wales with the powerful and hard-hitting drama, “Sold,” based on true stories of people who were trafficked through Wales or subjected to what the government is now calling Modern Slavery. The play was adapted into a short film, in which I take on the same role as Maria, a harrassed wife and office worker with a dark secret.

My work with Cardiff-based theatre company TvO has taken me from arts centres to prisons, performing in ‘Til Death Do Us Part?’ and participating in drama therapy workshops using techniques pioneered by Augusto Boal to explore the issues of conflict in relationships and domestic abuse.

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I’ve trained with Dr Jennifer Hartley and Jesse Malone and can use a wide range of dramatic and applied theatre techniques from Stanislavsky to Boal to create a character for a performance or facilitate workshops for actors and non-actors to explore issues through the medium of improvisation.

I am now working on a number of projects that use my performance and other creative skills. Theatre Playgroup is a joint project between National Theatre Wales, Human Compass Theatre and the Wales Millennium Centre using scripted works to encourage creative collaboration across the different disciplines of theatre craft. Another collaboration with female artists based in Cardiff is exploring themes of equality, femininity, masculinity and the world of work is further developing my writing, directing, devising and performance abilities.

In addition to creation and participation in performance, I am working with National Theatre Wales as part of a small but diverse creative team of actors, writers, performers and film-makers carrying out qualitative evaluation of community theatre projects developed through NTW TEAM. Bringing together a defined set of evaluation criteria with my skills in improvisation and theatre games, I am contributing evidence of the impact of National Theatre Wales’ investment in developing the creative capacity of Wales.