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Come and see my work with Theatre Versus Oppression

‘Til death do us part
a play written and directed by JS Hartley
Two exclusive performances in Media Point of Chapter Arts Centre
Market Road, Canton, Cardiff CF5 1QE (
Tickets £10 at the door
Sunday June 24th 7.30pm with Simon Morgan-Thomas and Andrea Hodges
Sunday July 1st 7.30pm with Paddy Faulkner and Zoe Goodacre
Theatre versus Oppression presents an innovative  production exploring conflict in relationship. The play explores domestic abuse and the different perceptions of those involved, based on actual testimonies and interviews, challenging expectations and judgement throughout.
Described by audience members as: ‘fantastic’, ‘brave and bold work’, ‘an unforgettable experience’, ‘an experience unlike any other I have ever had in a theatre’, ‘sensitive, accurate, disturbing and cathartic all at the same time’.